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Welcome to the Woodmen Valley Sertoma Club

Service to Mankind in Colorado Springs Since 1975

Since 1975 members of the Woodmen Valley Sertoma Club, a non-profit service group, have worked together in fellowship and good cheer to deliver “Service To Mankind” in Colorado Springs. Although our primary focus, and that of our national Sertoma organization, is to assist those with speech and hearing disabilities, we also support many other worthy causes through fund raising, sponsorship grants and “hands-on” projects.  Woodmen Valley Sertoma Club is one of eleven in the Sertoma Pikes Peak District, and often teams up with other chapters for community-wide fund raising and service events.  To learn more about the causes we support visit our Sponsorship page.  And if you are interested in becoming a member, click here.

sertoma purpose vision missionLetter from past President, Larry J. Rodriguez

We are now in the month of October, 2015,  Time is going by quickly.  We have lost Dick Goven too soon.  I feel he is still with us.  We will not forget his achievements.  He was our Sertoman of the Year.

We have a lot ow work to keep our club top notch.  Little by little, we have to work on our membership and try our best for an increase.  We also have to keep coming up with new ideas and endeavors so that we can preserve our ideals, fellowship and overall good will.

Don't forget that we have the gun show coming up on October 24 and 25.

 Respectfully yours,

 Larry Rodriguez

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